How many Points required to get Australia PR?

As you may know that 60 points are the minimum required points to apply for Australia Permanent Residency and thus, you are eligible to apply for Australia PR.

However, as per getting PR in Australia is concerned, you may get the permanent residency but your waiting time can be very long because as per the latest round invitation results, the applicants are getting invitation on 70-85 points, and hence, it is next to impossible to get an Invitation to Apply from DIBP.

Additionally, there are other factors as well which are taken into consideration by the Australian government to give you Australia PR.

· The number of applications received by the immigration department

· Complete and accurate documents

· The Australia Point score

· Other enquiry asked by the immigration department

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Thus, please make sure that the Australian immigration department gives the first preference to those applicants who have scored good Australia point score. The better the point score, the greater are the chances for receiving ITA. The points are calculated for:

· Age

· Educational Qualification

· Work experience

· Language requirement

· Skills

· Other factors

Calculate score using Australia Point System Calculator

Hence, with 60 points, there are very minimal chances of your profile getting selected. Therefore, you must concentrate on improving your point score for your better immigration chances.

Hereby, if you wish to know more about the Australian Permanent residency and your chances for the same, fill the free assessment form. Also, you can get in touch with the highly experienced visa experts of Aptech Global who can assist you in your immigration to Australia.

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Worried About Australia PR Processing? We can help you

Have you applied for your Australia PR? Worried about the waiting time of Australia PR processing?

Here you should take care of the key factors which are responsible for you Australia PR processing


1. The type of visa category you have to choose- The major types of Australia visa includes

 1) Skilled Independent Visa 189

  2) Skilled Nominated Visa 190

  3) Skilled Regional Visa 489

2. The Occupation selected from occupation list- If your occupation is highly in demand in Australia your application form will get high priority of selection.

3. Submission of Application and Documents- If you have submitted correct documents and application form without errors your chances of invitation will be high.

How to make your Australia visa process simple?

If you are willing to go for Australia immigration under skilled migration program, the better understanding of visa process is very important. You should know the rules and regulations of the Australian immigration government. For making your visa processing steps easy, Aptech Global helps you with the expert advice and free assessment. You can directly fill the free assessment form and get quick tips how to start your Australia visa application process.

Australia Permanent Residency is so famous, But why?

Australia PR process is highly organized and systematic. A point based immigration system is followed which evaluates all the applications on the basis of the applicant’s credentials. The accessible rules, procedures and smooth immigration policies attracts many immigrants from across borders, especially from India. The holder of permanent residency is entitled to live and work in Australia for indefinite period of time, enroll in healthcare facilities, sponsor other eligible family members for temporary or permanent visa.


A minimum of 60 points is required to be able to apply for Australia permanent Residency. Points are calculated on the basis of your age, education, work experience, relevant skills, English language ability etc. points can be calculated on Australia Point System.

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Current Demanding Jobs in Tasmania Revealed!

Tasmania is a beautiful place offering rewarding career opportunities, desirable lifestyle and exciting welcoming communities. Tasmania is a place where you can easily live and work, as it offers a world class urban environment, an innovative business community and open spaces within easy reach.
There are lot of job opportunities available for Indian nationals in Tasmania. If you are highly skilled and qualified and matches to the skill requirement of Tasmania, you must apply for Tasmania Skilled Migration Program.
Following are the current openings in Tasmania, hence, what are you waiting for? If you think you can match up to the Tasmanian government skill requirement, you should start applying for the occupation which matches your skills as well as roles and responsibilities.
There are so many Indian company jobs in Tasmania which can surely help you in establishing your career in the highly skilled state;Tasmania state Nomination
Check whether your occupation is listed in Current Demand list of Tasmania here.

Ways to Introduce Australian Visa

Australia is a magnificent country that has always attracted people from across the world. Its holistic environment and picturesque destination is something that almost everyone wants to see in person. This is the reason of Australia receiving a large number of tourists as well as immigrants applications round the year. An increasing number of applicants are migrating to Australia for a better standard of living. With Aptech Global at your assistance, you too can fulfill your dream of getting an Australian Visa.
Australia PR Visa
Australia PR Visa
Australia is a land full of opportunities
Australia is a developed country and thus, has a prodigious economic growth. It is an ocean offering job opportunities for the immigrants as well as for the people of Australia.
Hence, this is the reason of Australia offering several different types of visas to give right applicant an opportunity to live and work in Australia along with solving problem of skill shortage. The reason for Australia’s booming economy is the great number of immigrants coming to Australia to further boost and contribute in Australia’s development.
Which are the different Australian visa available?
The department of Australian immigration offers visa in different categories and some of them are:
  • Australia Visitor Visa
  • Australia General Skilled Migration visa
  • Australia Business Category visa
  • Australia family sponsor visa
Out of them, the most famous Australia visa is Skilled Migration visas which comes under Australia general skilled migration scheme. There are different subclasses available for the workers who are highly qualified and skilled in their field of expertise. The most famous subclasses are as follows:
You can apply for Australian permanent residency under skilled migration categories
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Why Australia IELTS requirement is considered important?

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has made mandatory for all the applicants willing to migrate Australia to provide the proof of Basic English language ability. Thus, many applicants give IELTS which is one of the topmost English Language test across Australia. IELTS is universally acceptable in all the Australian universities, colleges and organizations. This test mainly has four components namely Reading, Writing, Listening, and speaking to assess your English Proficiency on a scale from 1-9 bands.
Check you IELTS Score here.

Australia IELTS Requirment

IELTS has two categories- IELTS General and IELTS Academic. IELTS General is generally asked for immigration purposes. The Australian government has set the minimum band requirement for the different visa categories. Hence, to be eligible to apply for Australia PR, you must score the required band. Practice free IELTS module papers to achieve a good result.