How to Get Australia PR Visa From India

The government of Australia DIBP has designed many immigration programs for the overseas skilled workers to build up their strong economy. India is full of qualified skilled professionals, with good health and character to work and live in Australia.

For permanent Immigration to Australia, the DIBP has introduced with three programs they are

  1. Skilled Independent PR Visa (Subclass 189)
  2. Skilled Nominated PR Visa (Subclass 190)
  3. Skilled Regional (Provisional) Subclass 489 visa

There are certain eligibility criteria of the country for Australia Immigration. The applicant must score the minimum of 60 points i.e calculator according to the age, experience, qualification, ILETs etc.

India to Australia

How to Apply for Australia PR from India
An applicant who wants to immigrate from India to Australia has to apply for Australia PR from India, must go for EOI submission to get nominated. The certain requirements before applying will be
1. Should have at least 60 points in skill select
2. IELTS proficiency.
3. Should have good health and character certificate.
4. Having experience occupation that is present in SOL

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Australia the Dream Place for Permenent Residency

The continent of Kangaroo is situated in between Pacific and India ocean and counted as the largest island in the world. Apart from skilled workers, Australia would be the great options for the tourist, You can discover and enjoy many adventures locations, exploring the traditional lifestyle, people. Australia has something special to offer to the visitor who has come across the world. Some of the places to visit are

1. Adelaide
2. Darwin
3. Hobart
4. Brisbane
5. Perth
6. Melbourne
7. Cairns
8. Alice Springs
9. Great Barrier Reef
10. Sydney

Looking to move Australia for permanent residency? I think it is the good move to build your career. Immigration to Australia from India has a lot of benefits although the price is the little bit high, you can earn good amount if you have the skilled profile listed in SOL Australia. For a few days back Australia has become one of the most desirable countries among the immigrants who are having experience in IT sector as Australia offers high wages and known to be world class city with cultural diversity and fantastic infrastructure.

How to get the visa to Travel Australia?

Getting the approval for Australia PR visa fully depends on the purpose of your visit. If you are going for the occupation you need to

visa asessmet (2)

collect complete profile details, experience, qualification and health, character certificates. Selection the occupation from Skilled Occupation List, you can to score the minimum of 60 points that can be calculated from Australia Point Calculator, rest you have to clear the eligibility assessment and good marks in IELTS. Scoring the higher points would be better for getting the invitation from Australia Authority.

Although Australia comes up with many vacancies to fulfill migrants to make the stronger economy that would be the great chance for Indians to get the good salary package. there are different subcategories of visa. For the free assessment, you can fill the Australia Free online Assessment form and get the free consultant from the team of expert consultants.

What is Visa 189,190 and 489 Visa for Australia Immigration?

The subclass 489 Visa allows the skilled migrants to live and work in Australia for the particular region with less population. There are different subclasses of Australia Migration Visa including Visa Subclass 189, Subclass 190 and 489. The visa 189 is for skilled independent workers whose profile is in great demand by the Australia state authority or territory. On the other hand Subclass, 190 is skilled nominated visa, where the applicant should be nominated by the state or territory.

India to Australia

Visa 189, 190, 489 are the subclass of Visa where the aim is to get the job before or after getting the PR Visa.


The minimum of 60 points are required for Australia Immigration the applicant can check the points by Australia point calculator or get the free assessment from the team of expert consultant filling up online Australia Assessment form.

What could be the reason behind delay in my Australia PR application process?

There is always an anxiety that travels with you when your application is going through the assessment period. And in case, your application exceeds the normal reverting time, then it becomes a matter of grave concern.

So what could be the reasons for delay in your application processing and what you should resort to?

Firstly, do not panic. Application processing takes time and there is absolutely no serious repercussion of the application taking longer than usual.


The following could be the reasons for delay in Australia PR processing time:

1. Incomplete/partial/unfinished information provided by you.
Sometimes, the information you furnish deemed to be incomplete and in such as case government of Australia may need the missing information from you. The authority will contact you in the given scenario and therefore, this might cause a delay in processing of the Australia PR Visa application.

2. Fault or mistake in your application that is yet to be found.
This is the most common reason for your application delay. Many applicant file their PR application by themselves and hence, mistakes follows. Therefore, it is always advisable to take consultancy from a good immigration firm so that application holds no chances of being error-ised. An error in your application can not only cause delay in processing but also rejection by Australian authorities.

3. Your case being exceptional/unconventional needs more time for valuation.
Every application has different set of situations. Therefore, do not assume that if an X person get his application assessed within two months; your application too is going to be assessed within the same time frame. It may be the case that your information needs more amount of reviewing and therefore a delay is caused.

The aforementioned are the only reasons why a postponement is caused in assessment of your application.

You should always double review your application before sending it off, otherwise it will cost you time and cause you disappointment.

If you haven’t started your Australia immigration process yet, then I suggest you to start your process with our FREE Australia Assessment Form or calculate your immigration score using Australia Point Calculator. Best of luck!

What is the Selection Procedure for Australia Immigration Government?

The Australia Immigration Government aims at completing the whole immigration process within 1 year. But the immigration of overseas depends on the profile being submitted. It may take more or less than the estimated time and it depends upon profile to profile. The person who has filled the documents correctly and scored good marks will get the approval soon as compared to the one who has no proper documentation. The PR processing time reduces if the documentation is done in proper way.

australia gove

To be eligible for applying visa for permanent residency the government has set certain criteria in which the minimum score should be 60 points out of 100. The free tool to check the points is Australia Point Calculator. The other factors apart from scoring are listed below.

1. The documents required for immigration.
2. Scoring good marks in ILETs.
3. Suitable occupations from SOL list.
4. Well, health and character certificate.

How to Apply for Australia PR Visa
1. Check all documents required for immigration.
2. Submit your EOI.
3. If you are eligible the DIPB will offer you with the nomination certificate.
4. File your application along with nomination and submit to immigration authority of Australia within 60 days.


The time taken for Visa approval depends on different factors according to different profiles, the whole process takes up to 1 year or it can be less also. It depends on the type of occupation/profession and the correct documentation of the profile. One can reduce the PR processing time by filling up correctly the documentation or take the advice from expert Australia immigration consultant.

Australia Visa 190 for Permanent Residency

Think different to fulfill your dreams? Why not try something better than others. We have a number of options for the successful career but we should have to find it. The land of Kangaroo come up with a number of opportunities for the workers to live their permanently. Why not the thing to build our career in a good way?

Moving to overseas is the good lift to career, especially if you are planning to move countries like Australia. The approval of your Visa depends on the purpose of your visit. The category of Australia Visa 190 is designed for the individuals who are nominated by the state, territory or the family relative living in Australia.


For subclass 190 the first thing is to get nominated by the state government in Australia than you can apply for the visa. To apply for Subclass 190 visa you should first submit the EOI and get nominated by Australia Government. At the point of your selection, you will be required to apply for the visa within 60 days.

The Requirements for Subclass 190 Visa includes

1. Your profile should match the CSOL list of Australia.
2. Should be scored minimum of 60 points that is calculated by Australian Point Calculator. The higher score is beneficial for the nomination process.
3. Your age should be under 50.
4. Score highest in IELTS.
5. Have the work experience for the applied profile.
6. Submission of Expression of Interest.
7. Apply for state sponsorship.
8. Should provide health and character certificate.
9. After Visa granted should live there for at least 2 years.

Benefits of Visa 190

1. Live and work in Australia
2. Avail the health and social security facilities.
3. Can apply for citizenship after spending the specific period of time.
4. sponsor the eligible family members for permanent or temporary residency in Australia.

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Why you should go for Australia Permanent Residency!

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A continuous growing economy, Australia is top of the mind of every person looking to settle abroad. Getting a Permanent Residence Status of Australia is quite an achievement in itself. Higher standard of living, multi-culture food and people, top universities for students are some basic amenities that the land of kangaroos provides.

Let us take a look closer as to why it is fascinating to get Australia PR:

  • Health care welfares

Australia provides health care services at a subsidised rate to its permanent residents. Providing medical aids is one of the best facility a government can provide and this makes Australia really desirable for immigration and permanent settlement.

  • Australian born children benefits

If your child is born after your immigration to Australia, then he/she will automatically get the status of permanent resident. Such child is eligible to claim all the rights that a permanent residency visa holder has.


  • Right to apply for Citizenship

A permanent resident in Australia, after spending 5 years in the country becomes eligible to apply for the Citizenship. Acquiring Citizenship for a country like Australia is like a dream which can only be realised through a pathway of Permanent Residency Visa.

  • Sponsoring a relative

After getting you PR visa, you are eligible to sponsor your relatives/family to Australia. The rules are simplified for PR visa holders to do so that they can live and work in Australia comfortably with their family and relatives.

  • Educational amenities

Australia is known for catering few of the world class universities when it comes to education. The education system in Australia is much disciplined for students which makes it really in demand. Students from all across the world are preferring to study in Australia.

  • Free movement anywhere in New Zealand

One of the surprising service that Australia PR visa provides is free movement anywhere in New Zealand. You can travel to and fro from New Zealand anytime, anywhere if you are holding an Australian PR visa.

How to get a PR visa?

Every year, Australia welcomes number of skilled workers from across the globe to meet the labour shortages in different economic sectors of the country. If you want to experience the above mentioned ocean of benefits of Australia PR, then this is the right time to take an action!

Get started with your immigration process by filing out our Australia free assessment form and know your eligibility.